Two Left Feet 2 - Harry Burmeister

Two Left Feet 2
by Harry Burmeister

Editioned by Post Office Lane

Edition of 15 + 3AP

150mm x 390mm (page), 900mm x 390mm (expanded)

Two-colour screen printed composite image on Japon proofing paper, folded to form a six-fold concertina - sheathed in its own offcuts

Artist editioned and hand stamped

Dive into Harry Burmeister’s archive with a two-handed face full of delicacy and detail!

Reimagining a larger series of Harry’s photographic work into an intricate landscape of his surrealist tendencies - the large two-toned composite images in ‘Two Left Feet 2’ draw in all aspects of his meticulous practice. A curious array of subjects swirl endlessly through layers and folds, melting into a singular playful form.

An artists’ book walking the line between print, publication and sculpture, this concertina construction has a certain sculptural presence in the way it sits, flips and folds. An object to get lost in!

Hand printed with excessively large screens on delightfully smooth and creamy paper - then neatly sheathed and editioned in its own offcuts.