Three Eyed Deer - Harry Murdoch

Three Eyed Deer
by Harry Murdoch

Editioned by Post Office Lane
Edition of 10 + 3AP
210mm x 297mm (A4)
5 layer laser-cut woodblock print on Sucra Ivory 220gsm
Artist editioned and hand stamped

Feel the groove in your heart with this funk-fuelled fusion of Harry Murdoch’s playful visual elements!

‘Three Eyed Deer’ delves deep into an illustration from Murdoch’s archive, reproducing a tightly cropped section of his original work. The raw curves, curls, swirls and pokedots archetypal of Harry’s style are given new life by layering five laser-cut woodblock prints, creating a buzzing physical texture that sends the composition into constant motion! With a bouncy colour palette to match, this tactile print is overflowing with energy.

By reducing the recognition of Murdoch’s stylistic forms and gestures, viewers are invited to reinterpret the untamed elements of his illustrative world and imagine new visual narratives.

This small edition was lovingly hand printed, stamped and editioned on Sucra Ivory, a textured paper stock peppered with flecks of sugarcane.

Also available as a framed print in the Parke Studios A4 recycled plastic frame (pictured below).

Framed in Parke Studios A4 Frame 
Bric-a-brac not included