People in Clothes - Jessamie Holmes

People in Clothes
by Jessamie Holmes

Published by Post Office Lane

Edition of 50
92 pages + gatefold covers
140mm x 190mm

Signed and editioned by the artist

Printed by E-Plot Print Solutions, South Melbourne
Hand-bound by Post Office Lane

ISBN 978-0-646-89677-9

Papers in use:
Colorplan Amethyst 270gsm
Sirio Pearl Oyster Shell 125gsm
Bulky Newsprint 80gsm
Curious Metallic Ice Gold 120gsm
Sovereign Offset White 240gsm
Curious Metallic Super Gold 120gsm

Fonts in use:
Vollkorn SC designed by Friedrich Althausen
Parfumerie Script designed by Sabrina Lopez
EB Garamond designed by Georg Duffner & Octavio Pardo

Celebrating her prolific sketchbook practice, ‘People in Clothes’ presents a selection of artwork by Jessamie Holmes taken from her personal archive of journals. The book summons some of her countless devilish characters and reimagines them into a new fantastical format.

Jessamie’s material-generous drawings are crafted under candlelight using traditional mediums like ink and oil pastel; a vibrant interplay of colour and texture. While drawing on art historical compositions, her practice is often intuitive and impulsive; there’s a sense of play… experimenting with the conventions of traditional portraiture. The book’s experimental form reflects this playful approach to figurative illustration and directly references the modest scale of the original works.

Inspired by theatrical imagery of clowns and punks, the bold outfits of Jessamie’s characters never overshadow their detail in physiognomy; her emphasis on facial features and expressions conveying a level of empathy for the individuals behind the costumes and the makeup.

All the world’s a stage, for us people in clothes.